Moving 100 Miles Away from Family Drama to a Great Apartment in Lookout Canyon

It was tough working since my junior year in high school and taking night classes to get a degree. However, I had a plan, and there were no acceptable shortcuts to seeing it through. I have actually been an adult since elementary school as far as taking care of myself. I wanted out of the situation I was born into, and I met a girl who had the same plans. We worked together to build a future together since we were kids, and recently we were looking at the website to rent our first apartment together.

We got married as soon as it was legal for us to do so. I learned at a young age that you can’t change other people, but you still have a responsibility to help out where you can. However, there is one thing you need to do when you get married, and that is to have a stable home life. This is why we picked an apartment far away from our relatives by choosing to move to Lookout Canyon on the Overlook Parkway in the San Antonio, Texas area. This is about 100 miles away from where we grew up, and it is the perfect distance to be away from negative family influence.

We both have parents who have a different viewpoint as to what a happy life is all about. We do not like drama, we work hard, and we are not party people. I don’t know exactly what makes me look at life different than how my brother and two sisters look at it, but I wanted more. They want more too, but they are not wiling to work to get it. My wife and I work hard, and we both just graduated with degrees and an automatic promotion. We could not wait to be able to move out of our old neighborhood to the Regency in Lookout Canyon. The quiet in our new place is the number one thing I enjoy the most. The nice kitchen, the on-site gym, the giant clubhouse with billiards and stuff is nice, but it is the quiet and no drama that is the best. It is nice to reach a goal like this.