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Only computers of photo studio in panaji, hacked

In a clear indication of the abuse of power of NTRO employees in panaji, goa to harass, defame and waste the time of a harmless google competitor, it appears that only the photo studio where she is going to get photos printed have their computers hacked.
The google competitor had used the san disk pen drive repeatedly when taking printouts from other peoples computers, as ntro employees have hacked almost all her printers, as part of the google, tata corporate espionage fraud to cause financial losses.
In panaji, when the san disk pen drive was used in a photo studio, it gave a message, not readable, it should be formatted.
However in another shop in panaji, the same pen drive could be used for taking a print out without any major problem, clearly indicating that only the computers of the photo studio are being hacked by ntro, or some other agency
This clearly indicates how widespread hacking of computers in panaji is, only to cause business losses.