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Stock Photos in India

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Stockphotos - Cheap Indian stock photos for sale,landscape , product photos for blogs, websites, online and offline applications.

Landscape - landscape photos

Nature - flowers, fruits photos

Product - product photos

Photos required - Photos required, Rs 400 per photo.

[caption id="attachment_171" align="alignnone" width="300"] White rose , flower, plant photos available[/caption]

Please note that only low resolution images are listed on this website. High resolution images can be purchased on payment of a nominal fee. We can also provide photos of specific products, plants, fruits as required. Please send your request by email


Canon digital cameras , DVD camcorder


Kodak Digital Cameras


Sony Cyber-shot cameras


Most digital cameras are available on monthly EMIs for certain credit card holders. There are special offers available during the festival season.


Please contact the companies directly. All details are provided for information only. Kindly make relevant enquiries before making any payment or taking up any offer

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