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The following information is needed to end some of the greatest internet impersonation scams in India, end theft of correspondence, emails, phone calls, postal mail, attack using directed energy weapons which are adversely affecting the life of an innocent woman. The publisher only wishes to collect information, anyone who knows these people professionally or personally can send in their photos to earn some extra money.

Nayanshree house details - Photo, information about nayanshree needed

Ungrateful Nayanshree email - Photo, information about nayanshree needed, how ungrateful cheater nayanshree hathwar has been pampered and protected for cheating the webmaster of her hard earned money, refusing to reply, allegedly with an important government job in indian intelligence agencies like RAW, military intelligence, NTRO, CBI or IB, an indication of the complete lack of morals, corruption and nepotism in indian society today. how fraud victims have to struggle in India today in the internet sector and cheaters are rewarded

Nayanshree - Photo, information about nayanshree needed

Girlfriend details - Photo, information about girlfriends needed

Nayanshree cheating - Nayanshree cheating on Twitter

Daughter - Other information about the daughter of the woman needed.

Wife details - Photo, information about wife needed

Will pay Rs 400 for correct information with supporting proof, source of the information. Please note that only low resolution images are listed on this website. High resolution images can be purchased on payment of a nominal fee. Please send the details available by email or use the contact form