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Ungrateful nayanshree hathwar

need a photo, name, designation of the woman who sent this email, as she now refuses to reply after cheating the recipient of her hard earned money and has been rewarded for her great fraud allegedly with an important job in indian intelligence agencies like RAW, military intelligence, CBI, NTRO or IB, falsely claiming that she has the experience, IIT Bombay 1993 degree, investment and skills of the vulnerable single woman she cheated . she may be working in a government agency. Her relatives are guruprasad hathwar, smt vasanduri and sriram hathwar, aparna and girish kodancha . Information about her current location, designation especially in indian intelligence agencies will be needed.

Will pay Rs 400 for correct information with supporting proof, source of the information. Please note that only low resolution images are listed on this website. High resolution images can be purchased on payment of a nominal fee. Please send the details available along with your address by email or use the contact form